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RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Large Mousepad Gamer Large Mousepad Computer Mousepad Led Backlight XXL Surface Mousepad Keyboard Desk Mat

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Space: The mouse pad is large enough to accommodate both the mouse and keyboard.
The thick smooth surface fabric padding allows for optimum speed and precise control during play.
Premium design: Features non-slip rubber base, this pad will not slip during use.
Comfort: Extremely comfortable with the mouse, eliminates uneven surfaces. Suitable for large keyboards.

1: The mouse pad was rubber, it is Flexible, so the size will be affected by the outside temperature and the environment, the deviation of 1-1.5cm is normal.
2: It is a cloth surface, it is too difficult to print all over the country like the world map on the cloth surface, so a little country will simplify.
3: About the RGB version, the main light source was near the left side, the brightness will be weakened by moving away from the light source, so the left side is a bit brighter than the right side.

1: Designed by gamers, great for gaming/office work
2: The thickness of the non-RGB Version = 2mm, the thickness of the RGB Version = 4mm
3: color = black world map
4: Support full-size Ard keyboard with more than enough room for a mouse, keyboard
5: Low friction: Smooth surface for speed
Non-slip rubber base
6: optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities

Weight(g): 400x900x4mm:959.6; 400x900x4mm 2pcs:1814; 400x900x4mm 3pcs:2721.

Package Weight(g): 400x900x4mm:989.6; 400x900x4mm 2pcs:1834; 400x900x4mm 3pcs:2741.

Package Size(mm): 350*350*120.


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